5 Healthy Nutrition Of Swamp Burger

Swamp Burger is a burger place that is not only made up of the most delicious burgers and fries, but it also is a restaurant that combines the best and worst of nature.

Swamp Burger
Swamp Burger

Since its opening in 2013, it has been bringing people together for various activities. You can enjoy the environment with your friends or work colleagues without any need for interruption from technology.

The pub’s open space with benches, tables, and picnic areas allow customers to socialize or get some work done without bothering other patrons.


What is Swamp Burger?

Swamp burger is an American-Chinese dish created by chef Peng Changjun. The word includes ground pork, quail eggs, cabbage, ginger, salt, and pepper.

This is then served on a bed of french fries with some bean sprouts and chili oil. A cousin to the egg roll sandwich can be found at many Chinese buffets that serve both Chinese and American cuisine.

How to make Swamp Burger


  • 1 pack of Swamp Burger
  • 4 oz Ground Pork
  • 1/2 cup Water
  • 2 tsp Ginger 
  • 1 tsp Salt 
  • 2 tbsp Onion 
  • 1 egg
  • 3 tbsp Flour More Bean Sprouts Chili oil Soy sauce to taste


1. In a bowl, mix all ingredients. Ensure the mixture is not too wet; otherwise, it will not cook properly.

2. Divide between two plates and add bean sprouts or chili oil to taste.

3. Fry in hot oil until browned

4. Serve with some soy sauce and enjoy!

Nutrition facts of Swamp Burger

Protein36.2 gm
Fat25.6 gm
Carbs1.3 gm

Benefits of Swamp Burger

Swamp burger is a popular American Chinese dish that includes rice, pork, and egg, which provide an essential source of nutrients and protein.

Carbohydrates are found in rice, while egg yolk offers a high source of vitamins and minerals. Protein can be found in pork, which helps build muscle mass and repair damaged cells in the body.

This dish is not only healthy but tasty as well. It can be offered at parties, picnics, or even dinner with the family. With its great nutritional value, it deserves to be tried out by everyone.

Following a healthy diet doesn’t mean that your food cannot taste good. This dish proves that you can have your cake and eat it too!

5 Healthy Nutrition of Swamp Burger

1. Protein

Protein is important for growth and repair within the body. It also aids in keeping a healthy immune system, helps with vital functions of the body, and even keeps hair and skin healthy.

Protein can be found in a variety of foods such as eggs, fish, poultry, red meats (lamb and beef), beans (kidney beans, chickpeas, and lentils), nuts (almonds, cashews, and peanuts), to name some. As you can see, this dish is a great source of protein!

2. Fats

Fats play several roles in the body, including helping to reduce inflammation, regulate body temperature, help with growth and development and even aid in the absorption of nutrients.

The fats found in this dish are monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats, which are better for a healthy heart than saturated fats. So next time you go out for lunch or dinner, do not forget your Swamp Burger!

3. Carbohydrates

The carbohydrates in the dish are from rice which provides us with slow-burning energy and even gives us a source of protein.

The carbohydrates in this dish are also found in beans, especially kidney beans. They are known to be good for digestive health and help absorb nutrients, especially iron!

4. Fiber

Fiber is a type of carbohydrate that humans do not digest. It helps control cholesterol levels, lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases, and keeps you feeling full throughout the day. You can find fiber in beans, seeds, and fruit like apples and oranges!

5. Iron

Iron is important for the production of red blood cells, which helps carry oxygen to the body’s tissues. The iron found in this dish is from pork used as a source of protein. A lack of iron can lead to anemia, tiredness, and shortness of breath.

Can I Freeze It?

It is very unlikely that you can freeze these. The reason being is that your product will become a large frozen mass and will be impossible to move around.

Instead, it would help if you flashed freeze the product using small amounts for about 1 hour per layer and then store them in freezer bags to prevent freezer burn.

Price in Swamp Burger

A plate of Swamp Burger with 4 oz of pork, 1/2 cup of rice, and 2 tsp of ginger costs $6.65 and is enough for 1 person.

How to store?

You can store this food in the freezer or refrigerator. It would help if you always used the date-stamped package to ensure fresh food. You can keep this food in the freezer for 3 months and in the refrigerator for 7 days.

What are its major ingredients?

Pork and egg work together in this dish to provide a source of protein and healthy fats, while high-quality rice gives us slow-burning energy.


Swamp Burger is so popular is because it contains all of the essential nutrients that we need in a balanced way. Even though you can eat this dish by itself, it also goes well with rice, lettuce, and chili sauce.

I am impressed with fat, fiber, and protein from the little that I have tried out so far. If you have been trying to lose weight or boost your overall health, I recommend that you try out the swamp burger for yourself.

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