6 Preparation Tips For Stacked Grilled Cheese Burger

Normally, Stacked Grilled Cheese Burger is a good idea. But when you take it to the next level with two slices of warm,

Stacked Grilled Cheese Burger
Stacked Grilled Cheese Burger

 gooey American cheese sandwiched between two halves of a soft potato roll and throw in some bacon on top, you’ve got something. You’ve got the Stacked Grilled Cheese Burger.


How to make Stacked Grilled Cheese Burger


  • 2 slices bread (Toast bread and cut in half.)
  • 2 slices American cheese
  • 2 in (5 cm) cooked bacon
  • 4 Tbsp (60 mL) butter, softened
  • Some butter for the sauté pan


1. Heat the butter in a frying pan over medium heat. Spread the softened butter on one side of each slice of bread.

2. Put the two slices of bread together. Buttered sides are facing out. Slice each slice of American cheese in half to have four thinner pieces.

3. Lay the cheese on top of each piece of bread and top it with a slice of bacon.

4. Heat a large frying pan over medium heat and place the sandwich in it. Cook until the bottom side is browned, about 3-4 minutes. Then flip it over and cook for another minute or two until you get that grilled cheese taste on each side.

5. Take out the pan and cut each in half diagonally to expose some gooey cheese inside!

6. Serve with a fork or two and some extra napkins for your drooling mouth.

Nutrition facts of Stacked Grilled Cheese Burger

Fat21 g
Carbs41 g
Protein23 g
Fiber2 g
Sugar4 g

Benefits of Stacked Grilled Cheese Burger

Stacked Grilled Cheese Burger is very good for losing weight. It is loaded with calories, fats, and carbs. This food item contains more than 400 calories.

But this snack also has high protein content, which helps build muscles. Along with high protein, it has high amounts of fat and carbohydrate content, making it a good source of energy.

5 Health Nutrition of Stacked Grilled Cheese Burger

Step1. Stacked Grilled Cheese Burger is packed with high amounts of calories. It contains more than 400 calories.

Step2. High cholesterol content is also present in Stacked Grilled Cheese Burger. This food contains about 30 mg of Cholesterol per 100 grams.

Cholesterol is a fat found in the blood that helps the body process and uses nutrients for health and well-being. Still, too much Cholesterol in the body can increase the risk of heart disease or clogged arteries, according to IOM (Institute of Medicine).

Step3. Stacked Grilled Cheese Burger contains high amounts of Carbohydrates and Protein.

Step4. This item contains good amounts of Sugars and Fiber.

Step5. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), it is also enriched with a good amount of Choline, which is an essential nutrient that many Americans don’t get enough of; according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Can I Freeze It?

Yes, this item can be frozen. Just cook and serve it frozen.

Is Stacked Grilled Cheese Burger Healthy?

Yes, it is rich in nutrients and healthy. It is free from cholesterol, trans fat, and saturated fat. It also contains a good amount of vitamins and dietary fiber.

6 Preparation Tips for Stacked Grilled Cheese Burger

Step1: Always use a clean baking sheet to prevent from sticking of bread.

Step2: Use unsalted butter for making this dish.

Step3: Use leaf lettuce for garnish.

Step4: You can use different kinds of cheese instead of American cheese. For a sharper, less sweet flavor, use Cheddar or Mozzarella. For more sharpness and saltiness, try using Pepper Jack or Swiss Cheese.

Step5: Use various toppings such as ketchup, mustard, or mayonnaise. You can also top it with diced onion, bacon, and tomatoes.

Step6: Keep the grill pan at medium to low heat before putting the sandwich in it.

History of Stacked Grilled Cheese Burger

Stacked Grilled Cheese Burger is a dish that originated in the USA. It is a popular dish, which all age groups in the USA love.

This dish was invented by the American people, who love experimenting with food items and making new dishes.

How to store Stacked Grilled Cheese Burger

Store this snack in an airtight container and keep it in the refrigerator. Eat Stacked Grilled Cheese Burger within 4-5 days after preparing this item.

The Bottom Line

Stacked Grilled Cheese Burger is a very delicious and mouthwatering snack. It has high calories and carbohydrate content, making it a good source of energy for the body.

This food item also has high amounts of fat and protein content, making it a good and healthy snack.

Stacked Grilled Cheese Burger can be eaten at any time of the day. A person can also eat this item as a snack or dessert. One can add various toppings to Stacked Grilled Cheese Burger based on their taste preferences.

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