Sonic Island Fire Burger: Top 15 Fire Burger

Sonic Island Fire Burger is a fast-food chain in Sonic Island. They offer burgers of all shapes and sizes, but the most popular item is their fire burger.

This burger is charred on the outside, with flames shooting. It is considered quite a delicacy at Sonic Island, but it’s also been proven that it could cause one to go into cardiac arrest by entering their bloodstream.


Top 15 Sonic Island Fire Burger

1. Flame Burner

This burger is engulfed in flames. The only meal in the world where you will be in cardiac arrest and eating simultaneously.

2. Fire Burger

In this burger, the flame is in the shape of a burger. It has a yellow cheese slice and fire that shoots out of the middle of the bun.

The bun itself is multi-colored with flames on it. It’s prevalent at Sonic Island, and Belmont Foods make it.

3. Fire Cheese Burger

They’ve placed the cheese on top of fire flames in this meal! At first, I was surprised that they could do that, but then I tasted it and was amazed how good it tasted.

4. Flame Cheese Burger

This burger has cheese, but the flame is in the shape of a cheese slice and on top of a flame-shaped burger.

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5. Flame Flame Burger

This meal is not made with ordinary flame. It’s made from fire from a nuclear reactor! That’s why it’s so boiling…

6. Spicy Fire Burger

This burger was made for very adventurous, and who like to try new foods with fire in them.

7. Spicy Fire Burger

The fire flame is on a bun, and the bun itself is covered in cheese. They say that it’s not for the faint of heart – it’s so spicy that one might die from it. Thanks to the cook, it’s prevalent at Sonic Island, which likes to spice things up!

8. Flame Cheese Burger

This burger has a slice of cheese on top of a flame-shaped bun.

9. M-V-P

This burger is made with one hundred percent beef and has a flame on top of it. They used to call it the Mega-VP, but they’ve changed the name to the M-V-P, or “Mega Very Popular.”

10. Fire Burger Deluxe

This burger is trendy at Sonic Island. They’ve put the flame on top of a regular cheeseburger, and then they’ve added honey in the shape of a cheeseburger.

11. Mega-VP

A burger made with one thousand percent beef has a flame on it. They used to call it the M-V-P but had to change the name when they found out that they couldn’t make it as big as they wanted – since they couldn’t fit any more flame in. 

12. Flame Burger

This is a flame burger. The only thing about it is the flame.

13. Flame Hamburger

This burger has a flame on top of it, and the pets are bright red. It’s one of their most popular burgers.

14. Flame Hamburger Deluxe

The flame is in the shape of a hamburger, and there’s cheese on top of it. There are also flame flames around the sides of it.

The only meal in the world that you can see is a fire in the shape of a hamburger, and then eat that fire with cheese on top.

15. Flame Cheese Burger Deluxe

In this burger, there’s cheese in between two sides, while the flame is made from nuclear-strength fire! This one packs quite a punch!


Sonic Island’s Fire Burger is a popular food for those who like to eat hamburgers but don’t know that much about which ones are good.

The best part about it is that you get to see a flame shoot out of the middle when you take your first bite into it.

I would highly recommend to all hamburger-eating people that they try this at least once in their lifetime!

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