Master Recipe Marathi: Amazing 9 Health Benefits

Master Recipe Marathi is a new and free online app that makes finding authentic Marathi recipes simple.

Once the app is installed, you can search for specific dishes by choosing your ingredients and desired preparation method or by providing a component and seeing what other people have come up with.

The search results will show you a list of recipes with detailed descriptions, so you know exactly what to expect and ratings based on hundreds of reviews from users like yourself. The app was created by Aruna Ghodke, who is passionate about Indian cuisine.


How to make Master Recipe Marathi


  • 1 cup Sooji(Rava)
  • Salt, to taste
  • 1.5 tsp Mustard seeds (Dhokla Masala)
  • 2-3 Red Chilies (dried)
  • 1/4 cup Lemon juice
  • 2 tbsp Oil(Indian cooking oil/Ghee)
  • 3 tbsp water(for grinding)


1. Wash and soak the rava in water for about 8 hours. Please bring it to a light boil and spread it on a plate; let it cool down.

2. Grind the soaked rava with salt, dhokla masala, lemon juice, and water to a smooth paste.

3. Add oil to the batter and mix well; let it sit for an hour in a warm place

4. Make small patty shapes of batter and drop them into the hot water(3-4 at a time)

5. Cook until they start floating on top of the water. (this will take 2-3 minutes)

6. After they float, cook them for an additional 10 seconds. They should be light and fluffy.

7. Turn the paniyarams gently so they don’t break down, and then transfer them to the prepared oil on high flame, fry on both sides until golden brown. (about 45-60 seconds on each side)

8. Drain the paniyarams onto tissue paper and let them cool for about 10 minutes before serving.

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Nutrition facts of Master Recipe Marathi

Total Fat2.6 g
Saturated Fat1.1 g
Total Carbs21.9 g
Dietary Fiber3g
Sugars2.5 g

The health benefits of Master Recipe Marathi

1. Diabetic Friendly

a low-cost and straightforward dish naturally free from sugar and enriched with fiber.

2. Heart Friendly

lowers cholesterol and reduces the risk of heart disease by maintaining the cardiovascular system.

3. Cancer Preventative

antioxidants are linked to reduced risk of various forms of cancer and lessening the severity of tumors in those who have already been diagnosed with cancer.

4. Digestive Health

digestive health is directly related to the amount of fiber you consume daily. A diet low in fiber can result in constipation. The digestive system requires the thread to work effectively.

5. Weight Management

it helps control hunger and cravings for food by controlling blood sugar levels, also keeping your digestive system regular prevents obesity by maintaining balance in calories consumed and preventing overeating.

6. Immunity Booster

refreshes and strengthens immunity that protects against infections, inflammation, and other symptoms of the disease process.

7. Skin Care

helps maintain healthy skin.

8. Hair Care

can be used on all of your body’s skin, including your scalp or hair, for a great hair detox for healthy hair and scalp.

9. Soothe Joints

promotes natural healing, joint flexibility, and mobility by reducing joint stiffness and swelling with each use by utilizing bowel movements in Indian cooking. All ingredients are readily available in any Indian grocery store or online at Amazon or eBay.

Who Can Eat This Delicious Recipe?

As a vegan, vegetarian, or any health-conscious individual who is following a diet low in cholesterol and high in fiber, Master Recipe Marathi can complement any diet. It is easy to make and can be enjoyed by everyone from your friends to your family.

How Many Calories Does Master Recipe Marathi Have?

Master Recipe Marathi patty has about 93 calories per serving or about 13 paniyaram, depending on the size and thickness of the cakes.

How Many Weight Watchers Points Does Master Recipe Marathi Have?

Per serving, it has 2 points.

So How Many Points Does Master Recipe Marathi Have?

Since one serving contains 93 calories, it would be 4 points. It’s great news for anyone following the Weight Watchers diet plan.

What Are Some Similar Recipes To Master Recipe Marathi?

One of the most popular Indian snack dishes is paniyaram. It is similar to a pancake but made with soaked and ground rice flour instead of wheat flour.

Paniyaram is trendy street food in India and is usually sold by hawkers on the side of the road. It is a straightforward recipe that can be made effortlessly at home once you get the hang of it.

It is a popular snack in India, and you can find it on every street corner, where it is sold as a savory pancake. It can be made using spinach, eggs, tofu, or beans.

The only ingredients you need to add are salt and fenugreek leaves. Paniyaram can be served with spicy dishes or plain curries or even as a side dish with dal/rice/lentils.

Can I Freeze It??

Yes, once the paniyaram have cooled, put them in a freezer-safe bag or container and freeze for up to 3 months.

Where Can I Buy It?

I am selling the original paniyaram recipe on my website and selling it on Amazon. You can also buy Master Recipe Marathi (the paniyaram recipe) online.


Paniyaram is a trendy dish in India, and people from every part of India enjoy it. In some places of India, like Kerala, it is a daily staple and enjoyed with Chutneys or spicy curries for breakfast.

It’s easy to make and can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The best part about this meal is experimenting with your favorite vegetables or trying something new.

Some popular ingredients used to make paniyaram are carrots, beans, green peas, shredded coconut, onions, etc.

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