Top 5 Freezing Ideas Of Dungeon Burger

Dungeon Burger is an American restaurant chain that promotes themes from the Dungeons & Dragons universe.

Dungeon Burger
Dungeon Burger

They serve a wide array of food, with various sandwiches and burgers, each themed after different D&D monsters or classes.

All their food is 100% vegan and dairy-free, so it’s perfect for those with dietary restrictions. They also have vegetarian options for all of their dishes and gluten-free buns available upon request.


How to make Dungeon Burger


  • 1 pound ground soy chorizo* (the red kind)
  • 1/4 cup white onion, diced
  • zest of 1 orange
  • juice of 1 orange
  • 1/4 tsp chili powder
  • garlic salt to taste.


1) Heat a large skillet over medium heat and add the soy chorizo. Stir to break up any clumps and cook until almost cooked through, 5 minutes or so.

2) Add the onion and saute until translucent.

3) Add the chili powder and orange zest cook for a minute.

4) Add the orange juice stir to combine. Remove from heat and set aside. (This will be your sauce base.)

5) Spread a thin layer of sauce over your burger buns (be as generous as you want). Place the soy chorizo patties on top of each bun and cover with additional sauce (if needed).

6) top with lettuce and whatever other toppings you want (cheese, tomatoes, onions, etc.).

7. Serve with fries and ketchup.

Nutrition facts of Dungeon Burger

Fat21 grams
21 grams1.1 grams
Protein46 grams
Carbohydrates21 grams

Health Benefits of Dungeon Burger

This is a classic American burger. If you’re looking to eat more burgers or other fast food, this would be a good option.

It’s quite filling and provides added protein to your diet. The red chorizo is high in iron and has plenty of B vitamins which are important for energy production and healthy tissue growth.

Top 5 Freezing Ideas Of Dungeon Burger

1. Saute vegetables (potatoes, carrots, corn, soy chorizo) in a little olive oil and garlic.

2. Mix with pasta and bake at 350F for 15 minutes (my favorite method).

3. Put on a pizza with sauce and cheese.

4. Add to quesadillas with beans, lettuce, and guacamole.

5. Make burritos or tacos (I like the flavor of soy chorizo better than most other varieties).

Is It Healthy?

Dungeon Burger is a fast-food restaurant. That means it’s got a lot of calories, bad fats, and empty calories. It’s high in sodium, so you should be careful about the salt.

B vitamins are good for energy production and healthy tissue growth, but too much of them can cause fatigue, headaches, and other issues. If you’re trying to lose weight, this may not be the best choice for you.

History of Dungeon Burger

Dungeon Burger is a New Jersey-based company that opened in 1977. They were originally called “The Dungeon,”

but the name had to be changed due to a legal dispute with another restaurant of the same name. If you’re curious about their original logo, it can be found on their website as part of their history section.

Is It Suitable For Heat Patients?

Dungeon Burger is a fast-food chain. Many of the meats they use contain soy, so if you’re allergic to soy, make sure to avoid the soy chorizo.

All their other meats are also extremely high in sodium. If you’re looking for healthy options, try one of their healthier vegan options, like their tofu or veggie burger.

Is It Gluten-Free?

Yes. All their food is vegan and gluten-free.

Is Dungeon Burger Good For Diabetics?

All of their food is vegan, so it’s perfect for people with diabetes looking for new ways to get more protein in their diet.

Their soy chorizo has the same amount of protein as beef and has very few carbs, so this is a good option for you if you’re watching your carb intake.

Is Dungeon Burger Halal?

They primarily serve burgers, fries, and other American fast food dishes. Their vegetarian options are also made without animal products.

Is Dungeon Burger Kosher?

Dungeon Burgers’ ingredients and dishes are kosher. Their meat comes from slaughterhouses that are approved by the Kosher supervisory bodies,

their restaurants prepare food according to kosher law, and all the staff at their restaurants wear tzitzit (kosher strings). They also offer several Lacto-vegetarian dishes as well as vegan options.

Is Dungeon Burger Organic?

No. Although Dungeon Burger does not use any meats that are not pasture-raised and no processed foods, they are not certified organic.

Is Dungeon Burger Open On Thanksgiving?

Sorry, but I don’t have any info on that at the moment. Please leave a comment if you know for sure, and I’ll update this section.

Why is Dungeon Burger Red?

Dungeon Burger originally called itself The Dungeon. That name had to be changed due to a legal dispute with another restaurant of the same name.


Dungeon Burger is a healthy and hearty American fast-food chain. The soy chorizo has plenty of iron, B vitamins, and protein. It’s high in sodium, but this may be a good option for you if you’re following a low-sodium diet.

The buns have very few calories and are high in fiber, which will help keep your digestive tract running smoothly. If you’re looking to lose weight, this isn’t the best choice for you as it’s all carbs.

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