Best 5 Serving Ideas Of La Hacienda Margarita Recipe

Hacienda Margarita Recipe

La Hacienda Margarita Recipe is the recipe for a drink you might have seen your grandmother making ages ago. It was made popular after Pilar Davila, the ex-wife of one of Mexico’s most famous television hosts and chefs, posted it on her blog. It has since been popularized by La Hacienda restaurant in Mexico City. … Read more

Best 6 Serving Ideas Of Longhorn Sweet Tea Mule Recipe

onghorn Sweet Tea Mule Recipe

Longhorn Sweet Tea Mule Recipe is traditionally made with vodka, so our version replaces the spirit with a mix of iced tea and ginger beer for a refreshing drink. The traditional Moscow Mule’s copper mug is an iconic cocktail vessel that even inspired us to create our in-house line of copper mugs. This drink will … Read more

Great 8 Freezing Ideas Of Banana Boba Recipe

Banana Boba Recipe

Banana Boba Recipes are great for snacking and taste even better when combined with boba. You can either make a quick “quickie” or get fancy and make Spring Rolls. Some people aren’t into the drink, but you can freeze the snack for an amazing popsicle with some nutritional value! How to make Banana Boba Recipe … Read more

Cointreau Breeze Recipe: Top 8 Health Nutrition Facts

Cointreau Breeze Recipe

Cointreau Breeze Recipe is not a new cocktail, but it is my favorite. It’s called the Cointreau Breeze. I’m posting a recipe for about six to eight people because that’s how many glasses of this delicious, refreshing drink you get from 6 oz of Cointreau liqueur and 4 oz fresh lime juice. If you’re serving … Read more

Santa Panties Shot Recipe: Christmas Alcohol

Santa Panties Shot Recipe

Santa Panties Shot Recipe is a holiday tradition that many people don’t know about. They’re also not confused with Christmas Pudding, an English dessert made of suet, dried fruit, and various spices boiled in water or milk. Santa’s Panties are simply hot chocolate mixed with peppermint schnapps poured over whipped cream and crushed candy cane … Read more

Hurom Almond Milk Recipe: 13 Best Nutrition Facts

Hurom Almond Milk Recipe

The Hurom Almond Milk Recipe is a great way to start your day. Hurom’s almond milk recipe utilizes almonds, water, dates, and vanilla extract for an incredible flavor. Hurom has created this almond milk recipe to be easy to make at home so that you can enjoy it when you want. Hurons almond milk recipe … Read more